2022 Trans Law Institute

2022 TLI Program and Schedule


Friday, July 29, 2022 starting at 8:30am PT.


2022 Transgender Law Institute

Trans Law Institute: Resilient

Description:  The Trans Law Institute is a participatory space where lawyers, law students, and activists invested in or interested in learning more about the issues facing the trans community can build community and make commitments for collective action. We have chosen “Resilient” as this year’s theme given the immense backlash the trans community is experiencing in response to recent progress. The Institute will be a space for everyone affected to discuss the state of affairs, ideate best next steps as a movement, and cultivate trans resiliency. Unfortunately, due to the logistical challenges involved in creating a truly accessible hybrid option, TLI will not be able offer a virtual attendance option. We regret that the event will, accordingly, be less accessible. We do look forward to offering a virtual follow up to our conference in the coming months.

The Institute will take an equitable approach to centering trans lived experiences. With that in mind, we welcome everyone to join for any part of the Institute or for the entire day.


2022 Program and Schedule

Friday, July 29, 2022 starting at 8:30am PT.
Please note that the schedule below is listed in Pacific Time.

CLE credit will not be offered during this Institute. 

  • 8:30am-12:00pm

    Morning Session

    8:30am – BYO Breakfast and Coffee; Opening Remarks

    9:00am – REUNITE: Building Community Connections Through Facilitated Conversations

    10:30am – REIMAGINE: Facilitated Discussion on Dreaming Bigger for the Trans Community

    When trans rights are under attack to the extreme extent they are in the United States right now—and, by a different frame, as they have been since western colonization began—it can be tempting to be reactionary without taking time to reflect, recenter, and remind ourselves what we’re working towards. In this workshop, participants will take time to collectively envision our trans liberatory utopias, through free writing, speaking in small groups about the world they are working towards, and participating in a full-group “fishbowl” dialogue with some selected guests/visionaries—Ebony Harper, Jen Jenkins, and Swethaa Ballakrishnen—and volunteers from the collective.



    D Dangaran 


    Swethaa Ballakrishnen

    Ebony Harper

    Jen Jenkins


  • 12:00pm-1:30pm


    12:00pm – Lunch (Buffet inside Institute room)

    1:00pm – REJUVENATE: Optional Wellness Activities with Alli Simon



    Alli Simon

  • 1:30pm-5:00pm

    Afternoon Session

    1:30pm – RESISTANCE: State of the Union and a Call to Action

    This session will be a dialogue bookended by commentary from our panelists. We welcome the perspectives of all trans lawyers and individuals who are on the ground working to improve the lives of trans people. The panelists will initially present their perspective – informed by the work they are doing – on the state of the trans community and related political and legal movements. The panelists will next share some ideas about what they believe the community can and should do next to address the situation and advance our interests.

    The moderator will then facilitate a conversation between the panel and the participants on what they are seeing in the world and what can be done about it. Near the end of our time together, the moderator will invite the panelists to provide some concluding remarks about the discussion and some ideas to develop in our next session, RESURGENCE: Breakout Groups for Meeting the Call to Action.


    Rafael M. Langer-Osuna 


    Alejandra Caraballo

    Anya Marino

    Caspian Nash

    2:45pm – Break

    3:00pm – RESURGENCE: Breakout Groups for Meeting the Call to Action

    4:45pm – Closing Remarks

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