Happy Pride 2023

Happy Pride 2023

This month, we come together to celebrate and embrace the vibrant diversity, unity, and solidarity of the LGBTQ+ community.

In this moment of celebration, we must acknowledge, not just the progress made but also the challenges faced by our community, specifically those threatening the rights and identity of our transgender and gender non-conforming(TGNC) siblings. Legislations fueled by hate have passed throughout the country and we must not wait until their effects darken our individual door steps to act! 

To our TGNC siblings, in the face of all this adversity, always remember that your identity is powerful and deserving of respect. Your resilience is an inspiration that fuels our collective drive to create a world where everyone is embraced without exception.

Together, we will continue to advocate for change, reject harmful legislation, and promote positive transformation in our communities. Happy Pride 2023!