Trans Rights Litigation Strategy Survey – Input Requested by October 16!

Trans Rights Litigation Strategy Survey – Input Requested by October 16!

For years, many of us have expressed the need for trans and nonbinary litigators and trans and nonbinary-led litigation and law reform organizations to coordinate on strategy and methods and for others to recognize and support trans and nonbinary leadership. In service of that vision, the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, Transgender Law Center, the Harvard LGBTQ+ Legal Advocacy Clinic, and the National Trans Bar Association have begun a process of working with consultants to share information, ideas, and goals, engage in conversations with a wide range of participants and create a foundation to work from. Our process will culminate in a small three-day, largely in-person meeting in November with a limited invite list, including reviewing findings from consultations with a wide range of people and organizations we think can inform our process. We aim to develop a set of recommendations for trans rights litigation that we will then share with organizations and individuals in a position to implement them.

We are reaching out to request your valuable input to inform our discussion on litigation strategies that support the rights of transgender and nonbinary individuals. We believe that diverse perspectives are essential in shaping our strategy during this critical period.

Our goal is to gather a wide range of insights on how to move forward effectively.

Interested parties have two options:

  • Concise Questionnaire: This concise survey focuses on essential questions crucial to our strategy conversation.
  • Comprehensive Questionnaire: This comprehensive survey allows you to share your perspective on field dynamics and reflect on personal experiences that can benefit the next generation of attorneys.

Additionally, participants have the option to complete the survey through either a 1:1 Zoom meeting or a phone call. Please email Whit Washington at directly if you are interested in this option.

Please help us reach a diverse audience by sharing this email widely. To aggregate responses, we have created a field survey, linked above. Rest assured, all survey responses will remain confidential and will only be used for research purposes to inform our strategy.

Important Dates to note:

  • Surveys close on October 16th.
  • The last day for scheduling a 1:1 meeting or phone call is October 20th.

Your input is invaluable in our pursuit of justice and equality for TGI individuals. Thank you for your participation.