September 2022

September 2022

Letter From the Co-Chairs

Dear Members,

Here at the National Trans Bar Association we’re continuing to build programs that demonstrate the breadth and expertise of legal professionals who happen to be transgender. From mentoring the increasing numbers of law students and new lawyers to making increasingly visible and public showings of our contribution to the profession and our protection of litigants who are transgender, our members and our board are fully committed to the incontestable fact that being transgender is not a factor in considering one’s qualification or ability to practice law, or in determining one’s rights as a litigant.
To that end we are now just a few weeks away from the first ever induction ceremony of a dozen attorneys to the United States Supreme Court bar, in a ceremony to be held before the full Court before oral arguments on November 30, 2022. We’re hoping this will be an annual event, and urge members who meet the qualifications (being in good standing as an attorney admitted to the attorney’s home state’s highest court for three years) to express interest in the next class to be admitted.
We’re also leading up to elections to the Board of Directors of the NTBA, to be held in the coming months. Look for an invitation to join us in our work.


Warmest Regards,

Kristen Browde,
Chair For the NTBA Board